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Flow Designs window vents provide much needed air circulation during warmer weather, and are a much more solid construction and safer than any standard window vents available for the G8/SS sedan.

Included are rubber seals to prevent any vibrations and grips tight to your Commodore Sedan's window so it is secure to drive with at speed. Flow Designs has ensured the window vents do not allow for any baffling wind noise during driving.

Whether you want to keep your cabin cool during track days, or improve the aesthetic of your Holden Sedan, the Flow Designs window vents are the best option currently on the market!

Rubber seals: please note the rubber seals are a very tight fit. To make the install process easier, soak the seals in warm water to create more flexibility. Once installed the rubber will shrink back for tight fitment.

Flow Designs has developed this tight fitment for the following benefits:

less vibrations at speed and idle.

eliminate baffling noises.

to protect your windows and tint from scratching 


VF Sedan Rear Window Vents (pair)

x1 pair Performance Rubber Trim 

x1 pair Display Rubber Trim 


4.5mm scratch resistant textured ABS plastic

CNC engraved logo and feature

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